About Us


The Management at OG Construction Ltd since realized that operating any business without a vision is akin to starting a journey without any destination. At the same time, Management realised that a vision is a vehicle of hope and an inspiration for motivating the people to search and work harder for the betterment of their livelihood and for posterity.


As a leader in the construction industry, OG Construction Ltd will endeavour to manage its business proficiently and discretely through its core values of integrity, technical excellence, dedication to, and ensuring the satisfaction of the unique needs of its diverse clientele and also maintaining commitment to the success of its employees.
The competitive edge of OG Construction Ltd is maintained because its Management bring decades of diverse experience and a history of success which combines business acumen with technical savvy, and, the creation of innovative solutions for clients.
The quest to remove barriers that inhibit excellence and the desire to improve and update processes for performance and service delivery combined by the embracing of teamwork will make OG Construction Ltd a household name in the construction industry.
Therefore, OG Construction Ltd shall always seek opportunities that are a strategic fit and that fuel growth by addressing client requirements.


OG Construction Ltd commitment to corporate responsibility stems from our dedication to earning the trust of our clientele and making a contribution back to the society at large for the enhancement of their social well-being. Integrity matters in everything we do, and that includes the policies and practices that guide how we operate in the marketplace.
Management realizes that the most important asset of any organization is the human resource and as such, in-house training is conducted as a routine in addition to financial assistance to its staff members to further their academic studies.
Similarly, Management at OG Construction Ltd have put a deliberate policy of pursuing a non-discriminatory approach towards would-be HIV/AIDS employees by ensuring that necessary care and support is guaranteed.

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